Our expertise to streamline your methods and gain new insights

Leverage YMC Insight Laboratories in your region to customize methods to the analyte of interest and provide a robust method with your final goal(s) in mind. Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and most importantly scientists who truly understand methods development. Some examples:

  • Scale-down of analytical HPLC methods to UHPLC
  • Continuous purification via multi-column chromatography
  • Scale-up of analytical to preparative separations for purification
  • Column screening to find the best resin match for your process or analysis
  • N-Rich - impurity enrichment and identification - an exclusive YMC service
  • Rugged and robust LC method development for validation
  • Method troubleshooting and improvement
  • Generating a new method or optimizing an existing method
  • Development services for both small and large molecules, batch or continuous processes

We speak your language near you

Methods development labs are located in the following locations:

Continuous (multi-column) process application development

Investigating the cost savings and productivity gains moving from batch to continuous is daunting thought made easy by YMC. Experts in multi-column processes for small and large molecules, YMC & YMC ChromaCon offers discovery services in our labs or your facility for those seeking reliable insights in a short time and economical means.

See our full array of lab, field and learning services in the brochure here.

  • Purification and process development
  • Process modeling
  • Isolation of product-related impurities
  • Feasibility studies
  • On-site rentals
  • Workshops

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The wherewithal to do it all: contract purification and manufacturing

YMC has a full-scale contract purification service for high-value-added substances, for API and biopharmaceuticals. We can optimize methods, depending on the objective and required purity, and perform preparative purification using preparative LC systems and packing materials, developed and produced in-house – many times using a cost-saving approach.

Separation and purification using chromatography involves cutting-edge technology, time, and cost requirements. At YMC, we provide purification service using our accumulated experience, know-how, and proven equipment in GMP compliant facilities.

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