While every EcoPrime platform system passes a factory release test and is delivered with a complete document set and QA certification the YPT offers full Factory Acceptance Testing to be performed by YPT or by customer representatives and YPT at our Devens, MA facility. Our testing consists of the following:

  • Point-to-Point wiring verification
  • Component configuration verification
  • System performance verification
  • Automation verification

Standard customer-performed FAT duration is up to 5 days per system at 8 hours per day. FAT’s for multiple systems are typically run concurrently.

YPT will provide the following during FAT testing:

  • FAT Protocol
  • Support equipment (tanks, agitator as required and hoses)
  • Purified water (DI Water)
  • Support process engineer
  • Support automation engineer

Standard customer-performed FAT will utilize DI-water; if other chemicals are required they can be provided after approval by YPT for an additional cost.