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Multi-column capture processes show several advantages compared to batch capture. It is however not evident how many columns one should use exactly. Researchers at ETH / Zurich investigated this issue. Their findings are summarized in a free poster

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Presented by Prof. Massimo Morbidelli of ETH Zurich, this Webinar will give a brief overview a key technology for implementing downstream continuous processing.

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Webinar recording:Data on 2 column scale up, validation, virus clearance and full scale process scheme is presented. CaptureSMB process and protein purification using a twin-column chromatography systems are discussed.

Video recording now posted with slides.


The LEWA EcoPrime Twin LPLC is an easy-to-use, GMP-ready, multi-column, multi-functional chromatography system offering continuous chromatography, batch, sequential polish and buffer in-line dilution from process development to large-scale biopharmaceutical production.  ChromaCon and LEWA together are offering users with bench to production scalability. Simple.

New twin column chromatography system specifications and application information. The EcoPrime Twin LPLC is a multi-column system that performs continuous, connected continuous and batch chromatography with additional option for buffer in-line dilution.

White Papers

Multi-column continuous chromatography combined with an option for single-use technology for buffers at production scale can help achieve an early ROI and enhance productivity.

NEW POSTER: Multi-column capture processes show several advantages compared to batch chromatography. Recent work on GMP scale 2-column system provides insight on design features, performance and a scale up tool. The work done at the Fraunhofer Institute is summarized in a free poster.

Short video on this system is found here.

White paper examines considerations when evaluating buffer in-line dilution and how to set up program on EcoPrime LPLC / BID platform.

The development of a lab to GMP process scale continuous chromatography presented in a poster. Optimization and Risk Assessment summaries included.