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YMC EcoPrime® systems offer analytical performance at pilot and production scale, plus a buffer in-line dilution (BID) option. Perfection!

Presentation on-demand recording: Data on 2 column scale up, validation, virus clearance and full scale process scheme is presented. CaptureSMB process and peptide purification using a twin-column chromatography systems are discussed.

Video recording now posted with slides.


Multi-column capture processes show several advantages compared to batch capture. It is however not evident how many columns one should use exactly. Researchers at ETH / Zurich investigated this issue. Their findings are summarized in a free poster


New release! Model your existing batch process on a twin column chromatography platform. Using your data fill project your Protien A and buffer savings over batch. Model productivity increase. Easy to use for processes up to 20 LPM.

The YMC EcoPrime Twin LPLC is an easy-to-use, GMP-ready, multi-column, multi-functional chromatography system offering continuous chromatography, batch, sequential polish and buffer in-line dilution from process development to large-scale biopharmaceutical production. YMC ChromaCon and YMC Process Technologies offer users with bench to production scalability. Simple.

New twin column chromatography system specifications and application information. The EcoPrime Twin LPLC is a multi-column system that performs continuous batch, sequential chromatography and batch chromatography with additional option for buffer in-line dilution.

White Papers

Integrating a stainless steel based multi-column platform into a GMP single-use (SU) manufacturing suite successfully at clinical scale has been enabled on several YMC systems by a proprietary SU to durable interface.

Four unit operations engineered into a multi-column platform with an option for single-use technology for buffers at production scale can help achieve an early ROI and enhance productivity.

NEW POSTER: Multi-column capture processes show several advantages compared to batch chromatography. Recent work on GMP scale 2-column system provides insight on design features, performance and a scale up tool. The work done at the Fraunhofer Institute is summarized in a free poster.

Short video on this system is found here.

White paper examines considerations when evaluating buffer in-line dilution and how to set up program on EcoPrime LPLC / BID platform.

The development of a lab to GMP process scale continuous chromatography presented in a poster. Optimization and Risk Assessment summaries included.