Double capacity, halve the cost

Our multi-column chromatography systems offer significant advantages to those who need to increase capacity (de-bottleneck downstream) or reduce Protein A cost. Our Contichrom TWIN (formerly known as "EcoPrime) “2C-PCC” solution is built on YMC ChromaCon intelligence and patents and helps you take advantage of the most simple GMP scale multi-column technology. 

When compared to conventional batch processes, the system delivers enhanced resin capacity utilization (up to 3X), decreased buffer consumption (by over 50% in many cases), and increased product concentration, all in a simple, two-column design that eases manufacturing validation and minimizes risk of down-time while reducing operating expense.

Productivity and simplicity:

  • Using just two columns provides users with the lowest risk, simplest path to validation/qualification for regulated processes
  • Increased productivity: The Contichrom TWIN LPLC running the CaptureSMB process delivers increased productivity (up to 3-fold) while both reducing resin costs and decreasing buffer consumption by up to 50% (or more).
  • Automatically adjusts to varying conditions: Exclusive to the TWIN LPLC is YMC's AutomAb® control monitors and controls column saturation levels by automatic adjustments. If process parameters change, for example feed composition or chromatography medium capacity, the loading time is correspondingly adjusted.
  • The risk of down-time and capital costs are minimized and operating expenses reduced when compared to other multi-column systems.

Process intensification and flexibility on a single skid:

YMC's Contichrom TWIN maximizes asset utilization, saves space and cost using pre-packed or conventional columns and options to have multiple modes of operation on single skid:

  • Multi-column continuous or extended batch operation
  • Conventional batch
  • Sequential polishing (two different steps (e.g. bind/elute - flow through) with no hold up
  • Buffer In-line Dilution capability integrated

Proven scale-up; scale down

  • GMP customers have proven the direct scale-up / scale down with our Contichrom CUBE lab/bench instrument The fluidic design of the Contichrom TWIN LPLC system allows for direct scale-up or scale-down to the Contichrom CUBE FPLC from YMC. Methods developed on the CUBE can be easily transferred to the Contichrom TWIN LPLC.
  • Intuitive software for twin-column operation: The Contichrom TWIN LPLC automation and control software is designed to be user-friendly. Operators can easily navigate and manage process setup, execution, and reporting. The software is designed to enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and the unit self-adjusts with YMC's patented AutomAb® control.
  • Advanced Pumps and Fluidics: The Contichrom TWIN LPLC system uses industry leading LEWA ecodos pumps and are enhanced with an  exclusive digital pump control technology providing (1) wide flow-range accuracy for improved product yield and purity and (2) industry leading precision and batch-to-batch reproducibility.

To guarantee consistent and reproducible performance, the Contichrom TWIN LPLC system is designed with minimal holdup volumes and symmetric flow paths between the two columns, which was accomplished by optimal piping and components arrangements and sizing.

Simple, elegant and includes:

  • Pump(s) with hygienic design capable to deliver industry best-in-class precise flow.
  • Multiple inlet and outlet valves.
  • Air sensors to protect the columns or prevent dry running conditions.
  • pH, conductivity, pressure and temperature probes/sensors
  • Coreolis flow meters to control and/or verify pump flow rates
  • Dual wavelength UV monitors in the range at 280 and 300 nm
  • All necessary tubing, valves, instruments, connections and safety devices for GMP process requirements.
  • System automation and control with an easy to follow user interface
  • YMC's patented AutomAb®  dynamic process control

Proven and proof

See what we mean. Watch our VIDEO on continuous chromatography. Watch us COMMISSION unit in <8 hours VIDEO HERE.

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