Save time, QC work and increase yield and purity; decrease solvent use

NEW! The fastest way to accelerate manufacture of OLIGOS, PEPTIDES, RNA, DNA and similar theraputics and vaccines. Improve yield and purity simultaneously with MCSGP* where impure, product-containing side fractions are automatically recycled in a periodic closed loop process (see animation here).

Users report time to market is greatly improved while QC costs and labor are significantly reduced. This continuously operating process maximizes yield while maintaining or improving product purity generating a significant improvement in process economics. MCSGP gives higher yield and purity than batch chromatography. YMC is now providing MCSGP (*Multi-column Counter-current Solvent Gradient Purification) at GMP pilot and production scale.

Brochure focusing on Peptides and Oligo purification: click here.

How does it work?

In batch chromatography, impure side fractions often have to be discarded to reach a certain product purity. With MCSGP, impure product-containing side fractions are internally (automatically) recycled in a periodic closed loop process (see animation at link below) while pure product is continuously extracted. Thereby, little product is lost and the yield of pure product is maximized without any accumulation of impurities and retaining target purity.

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Solvent consumption and production costs considerably reduced

For small molecule production (e.g. oligo’s, peptides) solvent consumption is typically reduced by 70%, and solvent savings are even more accentuated under conditions of feed material overloading. With higher yield, the demand to synthesize more product to attain adequate final product kgs is lowered reducing operating costs associated with producing more batches.

Products and process that MCSGP can help

  • synthetic peptides
  • oligos
  • ADC's
  • RNA
  • DNA
  • low yield, difficult to separate small or large molecules
  • blood plasma products
  • recombinant proteins from microbial production
  • complex organic synthesis products

Innovative, productive and compliant

The MCSGP technology is patented by YMC (ChromaCon) assuring you of the most advanced design for GMP production environments. This is a continuous process that delivers up to 80% more yield at target purity and operates with up to 10-fold higher productivity than batch.

With a deep understanding of fluid dynamics—and the end-to-end requirements of chromatography processes—YMC can provide customized solutions to help you. Experts in solvent environments we supply systems meeting the most rigorous standards for ATEX / NEC control. All our systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME / BPE guidelines. Full FAT and Turn Over Packages are available on our all our skids.

Our experience in designing and building state-of-the-art EcoPrime HPLC chromatography solutions, using proprietary fluid dynamics has earned us a reputation for innovation among global leaders in pharmaceuticals and we leverage YMC’s long history of molecular separations and purification technologies and combine our fluid engineering and intellectual property in the advanced solutions we customize to the needs of our HPLC customers.

Webinar on MCSGP applied to peptide processes

A 30 minute walk through of the process and economic case studies is presented in an informative webinar – Link to peptide purification webinar: Twin MCSGP

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