Like no other business, pharmaceutical firms demand complete assurance around the purity, consistency, and repeatability of purification systems. The sensitive handling of small-molecule compounds—during development and "at-scale"—present you with a unique set of challenges.

At YMC, we understand the need to fast track APIs to market and streamline validation activities. That's why we offer you decades of experience meeting the most stringent pharmaceutical demands.  Our proven portfolio of HPLC product solutions can be quickly and efficiently put to work for you—by a team of engineers who've spent their careers serving your industry.

We confidently supply prep scale HPLC systems  at up to 100 bar (1450 psig) design pressure—leveraging a long -year history of supplying high pressure precision systems to the world’s largest companies. The YMC spectrum of HPLC resins, DAC columns, packed columns and methods development provides the industries most comprehensive solution from bench to manufacturing.

For customers performing chiral separations, our Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) systems combine our in-house expertise with an exclusive license to breakthrough patented technology from with Bayer Technology Services (BTS).

NEW! The fastest way to improve yield and purity is via MCSGP, impure product-containing side fractions are automatically recycled in a periodic closed loop process (see animation here). Thereby, the yield of pure product is maximized. This allows for a significant improvement in process economics. MCSGP gives higher yield and purity than batch chromatography. Drawing our our YMC ChromaCon patent portfolio, YMC is now providing MCSGP at pilot and production scale.

MCSGP is used for:

  • petides and oligo's (up to 60% more yield)
  • dsDNA and RNA based vaccines and therapies
  • recombinant proteins from microbial production
  • small molecules from fermentation or natural product extractions (Stevia, Flavonoides, fish oil)
  • ADC's
  • complex organic synthesis products
  • blood plasma products

We routinely deliver significant efficiency gains by reducing the footprint of systems—Our solutions are customized to your process.

Representative solutions include:

  • API purification by chromatography or filtration
  • Chiral separations by SMB
  • HPLC and MPLC systems
  • Migration of batch to continuous processing
  • Explosion-proof design, fabrication and automation process systems
  • Flexible, scalable chromatography—from pilot to process systems

Managing solvents and high-purity or volatile chemicals is a particular competency of ours. We routinely design high and low pressure systems to safely and efficiently meet safety codes such as:

  • Class 1, Division 1;
  • Class 1, Division 2; and
  • ATEX Zones 1 and 2.

With a global network of specialists from Singapore to Tokyo—Zurich to Dublin—and Boston to San Diego, you're always close to a local YMC contact—along with an assurance of commercial and process certainty.

We welcome the chance to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), speed your time-to-market, reduce your line's footprint, and improve product consistency and integrity.  We can provide full project support, supply you with groundbreaking products, or provide in-place retrofit services.