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We are YMC Process Technologies (formerly LEWA Bioprocess Technologies Group), and we create advanced bio/pharmaceutical purification platforms. Our systems are award winning for their innovative design meeting the imagination of industry leaders today.  Our deep expertise in fluid dynamics, combined with YMC’s industry-leading column and resin technology, allows us to provide precise batch to continuous processing solutions with the perfect balance of accuracy, repeatability and precision. Our design, fabrication and automation services assure single point, vertical supply benefits getting you exactly what you want.

Of Special Interest

Press Release YMC Acquisition

Exciting news - we are growing!

YMC acquired LEWA-Nikkiso America, Inc. pharmaceutical systems’ business in Q4 2018.

LEWA remains key supply partner while YMC gained advanced downstream processing technologies and manufacturing site in North America.

This division within YMC is expanding with YMC portfolio of chromatography resins, columns and methods development services.

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